Bitcoin Price races past $1100 five days into 2017!

The Bitcoin price has raced past the $1100 mark!

Procrastinators take note:- Bitcoin is traded 24 hours 7 days per week and the price can move at any given time.


Many ask the question “Am I too late to start buying Bitcoin?”  and the answer is “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”  we have only just begun!  Buying Bitcoin at these prices will be considered cheap soon… it is only a matter of time.  As the Bitcoin adoption increases, the demand to buy Bitcoin increases which means that the price will no doubt increase.


At 6h45 Central Africa Time on 5 January 2017, these were the prices on various global exchanges:-

$1165 OKCoin – China
$1163  Unocoin – India
$1147  Coinbase – USA 
$1164  Xapo – Europe
$1156  Gemini – UK

These were the average prices – BPI – Bitcoin Price Index

$1143  Coindesk BPI
$1170  Cointelegraph BPI
$1147 BPI

View historical market cap – Click here


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