Bitcoin Price Surge… anyone for Pizza?

A software programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz, back in 2010, managed to get someone to accept 10,000 Bitcoins he had “mined” in exchange for two pizzas… from a pizza restaurant called Pappa Joe’s.  At the time, Bitcoin wasn’t worth much at all. Little did anyone know that the price would soon reach dollar parity as well as imminent gold parity.  Bitcoin surpassed the $1200 mark recently, only to settle back slightly under… for now that is!

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What would 10,000 Bitcoins be worth today?  Current price as per chart below:-

10,000 x 1186.98039 = $11,869,803.90

Does Laszlo Hanyecz regret paying for his two pizzas?  He says not!

Bitcoin Adoption is increasing daily – see this very bullish chart on LocalBitcoins global volume, an over the counter platform connecting buyers and sellers.  Bear in mind that this is just an indication of the upward trend and interest in Bitcoin – many Bitcoin transactions are conducted on exchanges globally and peer-to-peer.

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