Bitcoin Price Watch 13 January 2017

The Bitcoin price has been all over the show this week and as a result, nobody predicted the average price for today. This means the weekly Bitcoin prize is rolled over to next week… it is now 0,3 bitcoin up for grabs. Predict the Bitcoin price for next week 20 January 2017 in the comments below.

Learn to be indifferent about the volatility in the Bitcoin price unless you are a speculator. If you are a long term investor and Bitcoin Believer, apply Bitcoin cost averaging. Bitcoin-cost averaging is an investment technique of buying a fixed Bitcoin amount on a regular schedule, regardless of the Bitcoin price. In the long run, you will score a good average Bitcoin price.

Here are some of the articles that made the news this week regarding the Bitcoin price and Chinese involvement.

Bitcoin’s Price Just Hit its Lowest Level in Over a Month

Bitcoin Exchange BTCC Responds to Chinese Central Bank Statements

Report: Chinese Authorities Considering Bitcoin Regulation; Price Falls

Why the panic sellers are wrong about bitcoin

China’s Bitcoin Exchanges Quietly Made Policy Updates Overnight

What Central Bank? China’s Big Bitcoin Traders Are All-In On Bitcoin

Bitcoin Exchange BTCC Halts Fiat And Crypto Lending


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