Bitcoin Price Watch 17 March 2017

Bitcoin Price prediction today – In a surprising turn of events after the negative ETF ruling, the Bitcoin price surged past $1200 this week only to settle under this in the past 24 hours. Altcoins continue to surge this week – is this due to the transaction delays in the Bitcoin network or the scaling debate; Altcoin price speculation with higher risk and returns or the belief of their individual role in the digital currency space.

The fundamentals are still strong for Bitcoin – we are coming up to a rate increase cycle as the US Feds upped the interest rate followed by the People’s Bank of China a few hours later. The Dutch election result bods well for the status quo and EU.   Events to watch, Japan legalizing Bitcoin as a payment system plus upcoming French and German Elections.

Thank you for all the price predictions – this weeks prize is 0.2btc and if not won, the prize next week will be 0.3btc. If the prize is won, the weekly prize will start at 0.1btc. Good Luck!

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