Bitcoin Price Watch – 24 February 2017

An eventful week in the life of a Bitcoiner… ups, downs and lots of excitement predicting the price for this Friday.  What could have been the driver for the price this week – we saw it move past $1200 only to pull back a couple of hours later.

Watch the latest Weekly Price Prediction video here – are you a winner?

Rules of the game:-

  1. Add your prediction in the comments under the video or blog – you have two chances to win!
  2. Cut off is the Thursday before the recording of the video
  3. During the video, the winning Bitcoin price will be selected
  4. Winner will be announced in the relevant Bitcoin Price Prediction blog
  5. Prize of 0.1 Bitcoin available per week.  If not won, the prize money is added to the following week.
  6. Have fun predicting but also keep yourself informed and educated on the Digital Economy.

Screen shot of winning Price Prediction below.

There were no winners this week so the prize for 4 March 2017 is 0.3 Bitcoin!  Get your predictions in and good luck!
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