Bitcoin Price Watch 24/25 March 2016

Bitcoin Price today – we have seen volatility in the past week in response to the scaling debate between Bitcoin Core/SegWit and Bitcoin Unlimited. The market does not like uncertainty and it is reflected in the prices as people and the media focus on this one event. Bitcoin is a long term investment and the price in our opinion is very cheap. Keep an eye on the strong fundamentals – development, start ups as well as institutional, investor and consumer adoption on the rise. In April, the Japanese government will pass a law making bitcoin a legal payment system in Japan – huge news that could cause a domino effect.

Watch the video below to find out if you won the Bitcoin Prediction prize for guessing the price – the prize is 0.3 BTC.  If nobody predicts the price, next weeks prize is 0.4 BTC.  Add your predictions for next Friday below this blog or in the comments under the video on YouTube.  Good Luck!

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