Bitcoin Price Watch 3 February

Bitcoin Price Watch – Let’s take a look at what happened in January 2017 that might have impacted the Bitcoin price?

1. PBoC – Peoples Bank of China carried out an investigation of all the bitcoin exchanges to check for money laundering, Client KYC details and price manipulation – this unexpected event saw the bitcoin price drop from over $1100 to mid $800.

2. President Donald Trump inauguration – an expected event

3. Continuing war on cash and higher prices in regions such as India, Nigeria and Venezuela.

4. Consolidation and sideways move of price from mid January towards the end of January.

Every week we have a bitcoin prize for someone who accurately predicted the price for the following Friday – this week the prize was 0,5 bitcoin!

The prediction was spot on – we have a winner! CONGRATULATIONS!

The prize for next week starts at 0,1 Bitcoin – add your predictions below in the comments below the video. Last predictions in by 9 February 2017 – Have some fun predicting… Good Luck to you!

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