Bitcoin, the Blockchain and Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds are changing and taking new direction.  Bitcoin Hedge Funds are now emerging. Traditional Hedge Funds are not performing to expectation and statistics show Hedge Fund launches are headed for an eight-year low.

Take a look at the disappointing results seen in 2016.

On the other hand, Bitcoin Hedge funds seem to be gaining momentum.

This visionary statement from the First Bitcoin Hedge Fund, Bitcoin Fund, Launched From Malta – “We are the first fund that invests in core-level infrastructure of the new generation economy. We invest into Bitcoins. In 2011 internet transactions volume exceeded $500 billion. We believe that to win you have to be at the cutting edge. Bitcoin, based both on common and new technologies, is a perfect extension to traditional currency.”

A new company called Polychain Capital has raised $10 million in capital for a hedge fund made up of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. The business, led by former Coinbase employee Olaf Carlson-Wee, believes investors can gain significant returns by investing in digital assets. 

Numerai, which is an open access, crowdsourced hedge fund for machine learning experts and hopes to attract the best and brightest minds and pay them for their Artificial Intelligence skills.

Blockchain Startups Are Rethinking Hedge Funds, but There’s a Better Target which could be to use blockchain technology to retool the Hedge Fund industry making for smoother operations.  The efficiency benefits of the blockchain are cost reduction, increased transparency, proof vs trust and compliance.  

Now it is reported that Hedge Funds are racing to buy Mt Gox creditor claims.

Without investing in Hedge Funds, individuals can use Bitcoin as a hedge against the FIAT currency in emerging markets  – interesting article from Vinny Lingham, Angel Investor and Entrepreneur, a Hedge Fund ‘Crypto-Bridge’ Platform has applied for a BitLicense and released their white paper to become a management application for the administration of capital pools through blockchain technology and ultimately delivering increase effectiveness and efficiency to the industry.  Read more here

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