Bitcoin – Today. Bitcoin News 23 November 2016

In the Bitcoin News today… the Bitcoin value is increasing. The Bitcoin price seems to be settling around the $750 – $760 level. Getting ready for another surge? We will have to wait and see.

Bitcoin and blockchain news headlines: More than 30 R3 member banks are expected to invest in the blockchain consortium startup as part of its ongoing $150m funding round; A New York blockchain startup has partnered with tech giant Siemens as it expands an ethereum-based peer-to-peer energy transfer project; Australian banks are calling for the scrapping of the dollar’s (AUD) highest-denominated cash notes, and even the removal of cash altogether; A Congressional committee has called on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to focus on digital currency regulation; The Indian government says the demonetization will wipe out counterfeit currency notes and black money… and who is going to get rid of the pile of currency after December? Seems the pile if laid out will be 300 times Everest!

More on regulation, the Australian government’s financial reporting standards agency is pushing for international action in the area of digital currencies – this will be great!

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