Bitcoin Trader robbed at gunpoint in sleepy UK Village

In a disturbing new type of crime armed robbers broke into a house in a small UK village and forced a Bitcoin trader to transfer a fortune in Bitcoin to them from his computer.


Four thugs in balaclavas broke into the house, which is owned by trader Danny Aston and his wife, Amy Jay. They then tied up Ms. Jay and put the couple’s baby outside in a pram, before threatening Mr. Aston with a gun and forcing him to transfer his Bitcoin into their control.


Unfortunately, it will be hard to track where this Bitcoin went making it extremely difficult to track down the raiders.



This whole event also spilled over to a bad experience horrified staff and children were locked inside a nearby independent school, Cranford House, as police deployed a helicopter to track the suspects while detectives quizzed locals and trawled through their bins for clues but to date, no arrests have been made.


Full story here: – Bitcoin Heist at Home in Moulsford


The rising value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been an incentive for criminals but until now has been contained to online attacks such as the massive hacking theft at Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, Coincheck.


The fact that criminals will now resort to an actual robbery at gunpoint is disturbing for Bitcoin traders and investors.


Maybe best to keep your cryptocurrency activity under wraps…


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