Bitcoin vs. British Pound – The Shocking Truth!

The past year has been an interesting one for the UK, beginning with the unexpected BREXIT result from the 23 June 2016 referendum which called for leaving the European Union. The British Pound dropped sharply after this result and market uncertainty continued as Prime Minister David Cameron resigned. In stepped Prime Minister Theresa May and BREXIT Article 50 was triggered on 29 March 2017.  In a surprise move, an early election was called by Prime Minister Theresa May thereafter. Now more uncertainty abounds after the election results of a HUNG PARLIAMENT on 8 June 2017 were announced.


While the British Pound drops, the Bitcoin price is doing the opposite – GROWING IN VALUE!



British Pounds invested in Bitcoin just 1 year ago, the value growth is an astronomical 490%.



Over a 2 year period, British Pounds invested in Bitcoin would have shown an incredible 1562% growth!  Geo-Political Risk drives the Bitcoin Price – learn more here –  The Top Ten Drivers of the Bitcoin Price




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