BitVault® Announces Dedicated Sales Team in India

In recent months, Bit-Media has reported on the approaching launch of the world’s first blockchain smartphone and crypto communicator, the BitVault®.  As the official launch date looms, a BitVault®press release announced the deployment of a dedicated sales team for the Indian market.


The BitVault® is a revolutionary new product that is built around security and privacy enabled through Blockchain technology.  The Biometric Security is enabled through fingerprint and iris scan making the BitVault® unique to the user.



Read the full press release below:-


For Immediate Release

17 September 2017

BitVault® announces dedicated sales team in India


Embedded Downloads and VVDN Technologies announced the deployment of a dedicated sales team for the BitVault® in the Indian market.


According to company sources, the team will focus on customised enterprise solutions for government communications systems as well as for the corporate market and the financial services sector.


The move comes after proposals mandating the use of mobile phones manufactured by Indian companies for official communication. The suggestion came up at a meeting called by Minister for Electronics and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad with senior officials in the department, including representatives of Cert-In, earlier this month. The Army now uses secure landline phones to communicate. [ as reported in The Hindu ]. Secure communication services to this sector could be to a base in excess of 5 Million users.


Further opportunities for the BitVault® exists in the Indian financial sector and specifically in the creation of the new digital economic revolution in India.


According to the print: – “Digital India is among the flagship programs of the Narendra Modi government, but the creation of a safer computing culture is crucial in determining if the program lives up to its promise and hype. It is in this context that the omission of digital security as one of the nine pillars that underpin the program becomes perplexing.”  Full article here


The BitVault® marketing will start operating from its office in Delhi but could be expanded across the country should the need arise.


More details on other features and specifications of the BitVault® are available on the official website.


BitVault® is owned and developed by Embedded Downloads, with development offices in Limerick, Ireland, and New Delhi, India. Embedded Downloads specializes in secure hardware and software relating to the “Internet of Things”.


The company has commissioned VVDN Technologies as development and manufacturing partner of the BitVault®


More about VVDN

Established in the year 2007, VVDN is headquartered in Gurgaon, India
-Design Centers located in Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune
– Offices across the globe
-Manufacturing Set up in Gurgaon
– ISO-9001:2008 Certified company
– Engaged in developing innovative products such as servers, GPS tracker, IOT Community boards etc.
-Recognized as the best-embedded company of the year by SiliconIndia
– In 2017 VVDN was listed as one of the world’s top 12 cloud engineering service providers.


BitVault® is a registered trademark of Embedded Downloads and all rights are hereby reserved.


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