BitVault® Opens Global App Store to Developers

The BitVault® App Store is now open to the developer community.  This is an exciting development for developers as they can now develop applications for the BitVault® store.


Developers get access to key features of the BitVault® such as dynamic key creation, the use of biometrics for authentication, access to an integrated private blockchain, secure messaging, secure calling and the ability to handle secure data as well as many of the other security features of the BitVault®.


The BitVault® native applications include cryptocurrency wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and EOT.  Developers will have the ability to create in-app purchases or premium upgrades using these currencies.  Developers could also create their own cryptocurrency wallets and/or other applications with the same security features as the current applications on the BitVault®.


Developers also have access to the encryption methods that the BitVault® uses and could apply these to new applications developed.



There are numerous advantages and opportunities for developers developing for the BitVault®.  The BitVault® is being sold to large organizations such as banks, FinTech companies, government organizations etc as well as to the general public.  Developers thus have the opportunity to showcase their applications to a large audience and on a newly developed platform.  Developers also have the advantage that they can develop blockchain enabled apps without the need of developing their own blockchain. All the security and other features of the BitVault® gives the developer a multitude of tools to develop unique and potentially profitable applications.


The BitVault® environment is a closed ecosystem and current smartphone applications cannot be run on the BitVault®, neither can BitVault® apps be downloaded or be able to run on other devices.  Developers will be supplied with a BitVault® development toolkit to enable them to create these applications.  Due to the unique security nature of the BitVault® and the closed ecosystem, a “Developer BitVault®” has been developed as a testing device for all applications.


The BitVault® runs it’s own operating system but is enabled a secure Android environment to make it easy for developers to develop applications by using the Android toolkit, however, it is important to note that standard Android applications will not work or run on the BitVault®.


Developers who are interested in developing apps for the BitVault® should register on the BitVault Developer website and sign up to join the community.  There will be a series of Developer Conferences announced shortly.



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