BitVault®  to Launch in Russia

PRESS RELEASE – LIMERICK, IRELAND – 6 March 2018 – Embedded Downloads, the developers of the world’s first blockchain phone, the BitVault® and Deecrypto, a Russian blockchain and crypto company announced earlier today that the companies signed an agreement to launch a “white-label” BitVault®, customised for the Russian market.




The “Deecrypto-BitVault®” will be fully customised for the Russian market and will come complete with its own Russian application store and native applications.


A “developer edition” of the BitVault® will also be customised for the Russian market.


In effect, the whole BitVault® echo system and capability will be available to Deecrypto to launch the BitVault® in Russia as their own branded blockchain smartphone and crypto communicator.



Deecrypto recently opened a physical store and crypto club where customers can purchase mining and other crypto equipment from leading manufacturers: -Bitmain, Avalon, Pangolin, Innosilicon, Ebang, Baikal, Trezor, KeepKey, Embedded Downloads, Shift Devices, Ledger, Coldlar.



On the wave of growing demand for certified mining equipment, Deecrypto is the first physical store in Russia to offer these.

DeeCrypto is not just a store, it is a compilation of a bank and an offline store. In other words, you can make a purchase with the participation of the bank.  DeeCrypto customers receive service, the opportunity to use depository cells and cash collection services.


The company is the first business to offer legal crypto mining equipment in Russia and is an official reseller for Embedded Downloads for the Swiss Bank in Your Pocket and the Embedded Vault.


Denis Onatsik, the founder of the company: “The offline store together with the bank provides an excellent

opportunity for every visitor to easily buy official mining equipment, which now in our country is only being Sold on the black market.”



The agreement paves the way for Embedded Downloads to enter the Russian market which is difficult to penetrate and manage because of legal requirement and a language barrier. The deal with Deecrypto will make it significantly less cumbersome in the areas of compliance and certification.


Embedded Downloads will provide all the back-end software and services required to run the communication and data management capability for the Deecrypto BitVault® as well as the“private blockchain” capability needed.


Embedded Downloads and Deecrypto will further create an Enterprise Solution Joint Venture specifically for the Russian market. This means customized enterprise solutions could be sold to large organisations or even the government in Russia.


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