Bobby Lee’s Crazy Bitcoin Price Prediction

Everyone has a stab at predicting the Bitcoin price… this prediction from Bobby Lee just five months ago for Bitcoin to reach $17,000.  Now, his next prediction is $55,000 for one Bitcoin!  Will he be on target?  



As Bitcoin has had a meteoric rise in 2017… from around $1000 in the beginning of 2017 and seventeen times more towards the end of 2018!   What is predicted for 2018…





The Bitcoin price is very bullish for 2018 as Cboe and CME groups launch Bitcoin Options and Futures.  NYSE has also announced the possibility of listing an ETF shortly.   More institutional adoption at play.


As 2017 draws to a close, Cryptocurrency traders are sharpening their pencils


What is your prediction for Bitcoin this year?  2017 has been a year of adoption from governments and merchants to consumers and institutional investors.  There is no doubt that the “Crypto Craze” is upon us as investors rush to get involved.   Here are the Top Ten Drivers of the Bitcoin Price.



What was predicted for 2017?  Did anyone get it right?






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