BREAKING NEWS – Encryption of Things, new Token taking the Cryptocurrency World by Storm!

BREAKING NEWS – Encryption of Things, known as the EOT Token has just hit the ground and is taking the Cryptocurrency world by Storm. EOT uses the Bitcoin source code with a few modifications. Besides encryption, one of the other features is fast transaction time.





There will be 100,000,000 coins, 50% of the total, pre-mined and the balance,

another 100,000,000 will be mined.

At this point in time, you can start with EOT’s for as little as a cup of coffee!



Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, the EOT Token is already backed by a product. EOT Token will be used in the BitVault blockchain phone which is currently in pre-launch.

Calling messaging, document and media transfer etc. and various other applications found in the app store on the phone will use EOT’s.


Technical Detail of EOT:

Name: – EOT COIN, Symbol EOT

Coin type: – Proof of Work

Time between blocks: – 90 seconds

Block Size: – 1 MB

Block Reward: – 100 coins

Reward Halving: – every 500,000 blocks

Total Coins 200,000,000

A total of 100,000,000 coins – 50% of the total will be pre-mined and the balance will be mined.


EOT can be purchased now from the Waves Platform – Explainer videos on how to purchase your first EOT can be found on the EOT website – CLICK HERE


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