British youngsters are “Cyber dumb”

A recent survey suggested that more than 52% of Britons aged 18-25 are using the same password for online services.



By doing so they make it easy for hackers to hijack accounts, warned the UK government’s Cyber Aware campaign.


The danger is even more acute because of the sensitive data people typically send via email and other accounts, the survey found that about 79% of the 2,261 respondents of all ages said they had sent bank details or copies of passports and driving licences via messaging systems.


“Your email account is really a treasure trove of information that hackers won’t hesitate to exploit,” said Det Insp Mick Dodge, national cyber-protect co-ordinator with the City of London police in a statement.


The danger of identity theft was significant, he said because many people who sent personal information via email rarely deleted it.


Bank statements, electronic copies of signatures and other important documents could all be sitting in lists of sent emails, said Det Insp Dodge.


“You wouldn’t leave your door open for a burglar, so why give criminals an open invitation to your personal information?”


Data breaches are a treasure trove for hackers as people use the same passwords that were compromised in these breaches.


Full Story: –   Young Brits ‘lack cyber-security awareness’



Traditional Messenger systems could come under threat from new blockchain messaging systems that use cryptographic password creation and would mitigate a lot of the risks mentioned in the article above.


Create a Crypto Communicator with your own PC or Laptop


Embedded Downloads announced earlier this month what they believe could be the blockchain killer application of 2018, Embedded Messenger.

According to the company, Embedded Messenger will use blockchain technology giving users the ability to send messages from public key to public key, creating a secure and private messaging environment.

The company highlighted the following features of the new application.



User Identification via Dynamic Key Creation:


Embedded Downloads pioneered the concept of Dynamic Key Creation, a process whereby the private encryption keys are never stored anywhere but created dynamically from the user and device input. One of the major features is that a message receiver can have certainty about the origin of the message because a key can only be created by that specific user and no one else. As the company states it: – You are the Key.




Enhanced Privacy and Security via Blockchain Encryption Technology;

Every message will be encrypted with a process whereby a public blockchain transaction on the EOT [Encryption of Things] blockchain is used to encrypt the message and then sent to the key of the receiver on the EOT blockchain. A very small amount of EOT will be used for every message.


Embedded Messenger will be available as an application in the Embedded Vault, a new product recently released by Embedded Downloads.


The company further called this new product a “game changer”.

“We believe that this product is going to be a “game changer” as it is the only product that uses inputs from the users own hardware, the user himself/herself and blockchain cryptography to create a secure environment for managing cryptofinance, communication and data management without the need to purchase any new hardware.”


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