Can you make a Quick Buck out of Bitcoin?

Global Bitcoin adoption is increasing daily and as the price is moving on up, it has caught the attention of investors.


So, can you make a quick buck out of buying bitcoin or is bitcoin a long-term investment?  There are people who trade with bitcoin as their way of earning however, it can be very stressful as the bitcoin price is difficult to predict. Having said that, we do know that the bitcoin will increase over time – it is inevitable as well as unstoppable.  Bitcoin has a capped volume of 21 million so as supply diminishes and demand increases, the price will increase.




But Buyer Beware of People who want to separate you from your money – “The interest will help attract more mainstream adoption and, given how mind bendingly weird blockchain and cryptocurrencies are, there is a definite risk of scams and ponzi schemes as old as the hills using the buzzword “Bitcoin” as a sales technique”


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South Africa’s media channel 702 and the Money Show interviewed Colin Cullis – podcast below:-



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