Chinese buying continuous as Bitcoin price hits $ 675 – *** Breaking News ***

An explosion in demand from China has put a fire under the Bitcoin price with the price easily spiking over 10% of its trading value in USD in a 13-hour period that began late Saturday night leading into Sunday evening (CET).

Bitcoin is now trading at a 2-year high. Almost to the day two years ago on June 11, 2014, the BPI saw $650.50 at 02:00 AM, which remains the last time bitcoin price crossed the $650 mark. A steep decline the same day had bitcoin price trading at $622 by end of day. Such heights haven’t been seen again, until today.

At time of writing: 11:45 PM (CET) the price was trading above USD 675 – see the Coinbase chart below..


coinsbase chart



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