Chinese Retail Giant Proves Foods Safety with  Blockchain

Chinese e-commerce giant is implementing Blockchain to track the supply chain of its meat sales and to prove food safety.


JD said that customers will be able to monitor their meat from the farm in Australia where it was produced right to their doorstep.


Customers will be able to check exactly how the meat was raised, butchered, and transported.


China has a history of counterfeit goods and in  August 2016, 319 pigs contaminated by prohibited drugs, were discovered in southeast China.


Blockchain technology provides a solution in boosting consumer confidence, as it allows to verify the origin of the meat in seconds and every step of the logistics can be monitored.


Full story: –  Chinese retail giant to use blockchain to track beef to improve food safety 



It is great that Blockchain can be used for tracking and verification but one important thing that many people in the industry miss is the integrity of the data that goes into the Blockchain. So how do we mitigate the risk of hackers or cyber attackers interfering with input data.


One of the solutions is encryption and EOT is a new cryptocurrency used for this.


Read more here: –  EOT Business Case


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