Coinhoarder Stole over $50 million in Cryptocurrency from users of

A report by the Cisco Talos Cybersecurity team has exposed a Ukrainian hacker group named Coinhoarder who has stolen more than $50 million in cryptocurrency from users of



Victims have been lured by “poison Google ads” relating to popular search keywords related to cryptocurrency or blockchain.  If people googled terms like “blockchain” or “bitcoin wallet,” they would see links to malicious websites which were exact copies of the legitimate website for wallets.



Once on this website, the victims then entered their wallet information which then gave access to the hackers who happily took their cryptocurrency.  No shortage of victims as the hackers merely bought more GoogleAds.  Read the full article – Click here


As the value of cryptocurrency is increasing, so is cybercrime.  There are various ways in which to store your cryptocurrency safely, from paper wallets to hardware devices and downloading software to turn your PC into a secure hardware device.  Learn more about storing cryptocurrency – Click here




Source:  Fortune



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