Consumers Driving Bitcoin Price

New Consumers are joining the Digital Cryptocurrency market daily – what are the reasons why Consumers are adopting Bitcoin so readily? Here are some of the reasons:-


As a Payment System – Bitcoin is sent across the Internet quickly and cheaply without the need for costly 3rd parties

As a Speculator – short term trading as a revenue stream

As a long term Investment – Bitcoin, a store of value, is on an upward trend with long-term fundamentals strong

Using bitcoin as a natural hedge for local Fiat Currency


How are new People are introduced to Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies daily?  Family or Friends, Social Media, Merchants, Mainstream Media, Business opportunity and Government adoption.


There is a Growing number of wallets globally by Exchanges, service providers, and mobile apps. These are Coinbase stats – just one of many!

7,600,000 users
25,000,000 WALLETS

There are much more Wallet Service Providers globally.


How are Consumers are spending their Bitcoins? There is an Influx of debit card offerings making spending bitcoins so easy.
Prepaid Cards accepted at millions of merchants worldwide and over 1 million ATM cash access terminals


Debit cards are safer than cash and widely accepted – Shop anywhere with absolutely no risk Mastercard and Visa’s Zero Liability policy.


ATM/BTM’s being set up in shops and coffee shops encouraging consumer adoption.


Have you adopted Bitcoin yet?

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