Cryptocurrency Craze – Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2018

The world has gone crazy for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general… a current marketcap of $600Billion.  When did this all begin?  Bitcoin prices started to rise after Japan made Bitcoin a legal payment system on 1 April 2017, a perfect example of Government adoption.  This gave rise to the Japanese Yen dominating Bitcoin trading ranging from 50% to 60% in 24 hour periods according to Cryptocompare analysis … thus giving rise to the “Mrs. Watanabe” investor adoption.



On closer inspection according to Deutsche Bank and reported by Bloomberg, … Mrs. Watanabe is, in fact, Japanese men!



Has Bitcoin has tapped into the $40Trillion FX Margin Trading market in Japan...?





Since this event, the Bitcoin price has been rocketing despite the numerous ‘HARD FORKS’ creating new cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Gold and now Bitcoin United.


Latest Bitcoin news driving speculation and institutional adoption is that the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), become the first major options exchange to list Bitcoin Futures early December 2017, attracting demand from institutional investors and retail traders.  CBOE followed by the CME Group which is a much bigger player in futures trading.  Can we expect higher Bitcoin prices as other options exchanges list Bitcoin Futures and more institutional investment is on the rise?


Learn more about these top ten factors that drive the Bitcoin demand:-

1. Speculation
2. Developer Adoption
3. Consumer Adoption
4. Merchant Adoption
5. Institutional Adoption
6. Media Adoption
7. Regulatory Adoption
8. Government Adoption
9. Investor Adoption
10. Geo-Political Factors and Financial System Risk


Who would have thought we would see such a meteoric rise in Bitcoin prices late 2017… some predictors of the Bitcoin price believe the rise has only just begun!


Watch this short video and find out who is prediction what price for Bitcoin in 2018 and beyond!



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