Cryptodoc to Embrace EOT

Embedded Downloads Ltd. announced today the launch of a new encryption application, “Cryptodoc”


What is Cryptodoc?

According to the company, “Cryptodoc” is an application that will run on any home computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The application will provide the user the ability to encrypt any document file as well as spreadsheets and presentations. These documents can then be stored safely on the user’s computer or device and can only be decrypted by the application with the user’s private key.


Blockchain encryption

The real interesting part is that the application will use the blockchain for a  multi-layer encryption by using a cryptocurrency transaction. The company further announced that EOT [Encryption of Things] cryptocurrency will be used for all encryption transactions.



Free download for users


“Cryptodoc” will be supplied to consumers as a free download. Link to download will be provided shortly.


A premium upgrade, “Cryptosend” will be available and will enable consumers to safely and securely send encrypted documents to other users.


This development is another positive one for EOT, one of the fast rising stars in the cryptocurrency world.


So why use EOT?

EOT was specifically designed for the “Encryption of Things”



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