Integrates Storj to Help Decentralize and Secure Medical Data

Blockchain-based AI platform aims to empower both medical experts and patients to radically improve healthcare.  SAN FRANCISCODec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Token Summit – and Storj Labs today announced a data layer integration to decentralize and secure medical data on the blockchain, moving the world one step closer to healthcare that is more secure and puts people in control of their medical needs.


The shortage of healthcare professionals, the rising global population and explosion of data is resulting in poor medical care and unrealized medical discovery. Combine this with medical data existing in silos among different companies and organizations, and it’s become impossible for healthcare providers and medical experts to properly review, evaluate and consult on patient needs. This can result in missed diagnoses or advances in medical research that could dramatically improve lives.’s decentralized AI platform and network allows healthcare providers and patients to collaborate on individual care that can lead to medical discoveries and much more. It works by decentralizing the medical data in a network where machines are at the center and humans are on the edge with data residing on their phone.


“Data collection, decentralization and security fuels the platform and network, so choosing a data layer partner is one of our highest priorities,” said Walter De Brouwer, cofounder and CEO, “Storj Labs is a natural choice. With its proven technology and approach to security and encryption on the blockchain, Storj and are aligned in their missions to advance today’s latest technologies for impact.” is a blockchain-based AI platform that brings AI and deep learning to bear to improve healthcare. Its robo-doctor, a series of AI-based chatbots, allows users to quickly build their healthcare profile and receive insights based on their data.


“ is exactly the kind of company that can benefit most from Storj Labs. It’s an innovator in the world’s most cutting-edge areas of technology – from the blockchain to AI and deep learning – and relies on data, decentralization and security to realize the promise of these technologies,” said John Quinn, co-founder, Storj Labs.


Storj’s cloud storage platform is as fast as AWS S3 but a fraction of the price and more secure.  With nearly 50,000 API users who store data on the network, Storj provides cloud storage solutions that are highly secure, 50 percent less expensive and up to 10 times faster than traditional cloud storage solutions.


The Storj data layer allows to make encryption a first class citizen on its platform, a critical component to blockchain-based security. By integrating the Storj data layer, can also scale quickly and at lower cost than alternative solutions, while providing privacy by design and security by default.



About delivers a decentralized AI platform for healthcare and operates the Neuron Network ($NRN). Its robo-doctor chat bots allow users to build medical profiles that inform decisions about their healthcare. For more information, please visit:

About Storj Labs

Storj Labs provides decentralized cloud storage and gives users more control over their devices and data,  providing an open-source cloud platform: Storj. The company aims to become the largest, most innovative, cost effective, and high performance cloud storage provider by utilizing spare hard drive space shared by its community members. For more information, please visit:

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