Embedded Vault now Supports the Cryptocurrency Waves

Embedded Vault, the world’s most secure software wallet that turns any computer into a secure hardware device, now supports the cryptocurrency Waves.  Currently, the downloading of the Embedded Vault is FREE, for a limited period only.





The unique interaction between hardware, encryption and blockchain technology, Embedded Vault is a solution that can mitigate the risk of holding cryptocurrency such as Waves, without the need to purchase additional hardware.  Your private keys are not stored anywhere due to the innovative “Dynamic Key Creation” where private keys are dynamically created by the user – You are the Key.  As a further security measure, all transactions are double checked by a fingerprint scan of the user. EOT [Encryption of Things] will be the cryptocurrency used as part of the key generation and encryption process.



Embedded Vault was launched on 1 February 2018 supporting Bitcoin and EOT, and now includes, Waves and the EOT token EOT coin exchange. Further exciting developments are underway – click here to find out more about the Embedded Vault Roadmap


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Introducing you to the Embedded Vault

Turn your computer into a secure, encrypted hardware device

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What is EOT – Encryption of Things?