EOT, a Sleeper Coin Crypto Dreams are Made of

With the meteoric rise in the Bitcoin price, everyone is looking for the next big thing and thus we have the rise in new currencies, tokens and the ever popular ICO [Initial Coin Offering].  Traders and investors alike are looking for the “magic coin” that could make their dreams come true.


However, as with everything in life, these dreams don’t come true easily and most new cryptocurrencies will end up on the scrapheap of despair.


The Rise of Tokens and the ICO


The ease with new tokens can be created, on the Ethereum blockchain and others mean almost everyone can create a new crypto overnight and start raising money for what sometimes is not much more than an idea.


Unfortunately, this crypto craze has led to a number of so-called “marketing” practices which included hyping the new currency with ever increasing gimmicks and advertising. One of the latest ideas is to use celebrity and athlete endorsement which in most cases is just an effort to raise money with no real underlying business.



More here: – What is an ICO.


Cryptocurrencies with a use case.


Fortunately, there are some cryptocurrencies that are building real-world use cases and are being successful at it. Examples would be Ripple and Ethereum


Why EOT [Encryption of Things] could be a game changer.


We believe EOT could be a very successful coin over the long term and here is why.


Besides being a very effective payment system, EOT also has a very strong use case in the IoT [ Internet of things market ] but what makes is really exciting is that this is more than just an idea on paper but actual products are being delivered.


Here are a few examples of actual products that are already using EOT.



Link – https://swissbankinyourpocket.com/product/bitvault/




BitVault® is the world’s first blockchain smartphone and is currently sold mostly as an enterprise solution to large organisations. The BitVault® functions as a crypto communicator provides a customized application store to the enterprise user and is fully EOT enabled. EOT is used for all of the encryption in the BitVault®.






Swiss Bank in Your Pocket

Link – https://swissbankinyourpocket.com/product/swiss-bank-in-your-pocket/



SBIYP is a hardware wallet solution for safely storing cryptocurrency. It has an EOT wallet as well as an EOT Coin / EOT Token Exchange. Further developments will include more EOT enabled applications




Embedded Vault

Link – https://swissbankinyourpocket.com/product/embedded-vault/



The Embedded Vault is a software application that uses blockchain encryption methods to change any PC or Laptop into a secure crypto banking device and crypto communicator.


This application could be the “Killer App” of 2018 – It is currently been given away as a free download and every person that downloads it effectively becomes an EOT adopter.


According to the developers of the Embedded Vault, you can now turn any computer into a secure hardware wallet and also get the features of secure crypto communication without purchasing additional hardware.


How is this possible?


You are the key.



Embedded Downloads pioneered the concept of “Dynamic Key Creation”, a solution where the private encryption keys are dynamically created by the user and are NEVER stored anywhere thus keeping it out of reach of hackers


Turn any Laptop or Computer into a secure hardware wallet:


Yes, your PC can now be a secure hardware wallet for your cryptocurrency and it will be more secure than a traditional hardware wallet device because as we have stated before, the keys are not stored on the device and can only be recreated by the user using dynamic key creation.


Turn your Laptop or Computer into a secure crypto communicator:


Want to keep all your communication and data management encrypted and secure? Now the applications that are available to enterprises on the BitVault® will be available on your PC or laptop turning it into a secure crypto communication and blockchain enabled device.


Here are some of the applications that will be available in the Embedded Vault.


Secure Messaging:

Your PC or Laptop will be enabled to use advanced cryptography to enable public key to public key messaging.

Cryptocurrency transactions [EOT]  and blockchain verification are used to create multi-layer encryptions.


Secure Calling :

The same cryptographic methods are used for secure calling.  Users will be able to make an encrypted person to person or even a conference call.


Secure Document Transfer:

Your PC or laptop will be enabled to facilitate secure blockchain enabled and encrypted document transfer


Media Vault:

Upload and store your media in a secure, encrypted and blockchain enabled environment.


The Embedded Vault will be launched in stages


Stage 1:

Stage 1 is complete and includes secure Wallets for Bitcoin and EOT.


Stage 2:

Stage 2 is complete and includes a Waves Wallet as well as an EOT coin / EOT token exchange.


Stage 3: – Completion end of February 2018 

Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash Wallet added.


Stage 4: – Completion 31 March 2018

Mac / IOS Version release


Stage 5: Completion 30 April 2018 

Secure Messaging Application


Stage 6: Completion 30 June 2018 

Secure Calling



Further development dates will be published in due course for Document Transfer, Media Vault and other applications.


The product will be available as a free download for 30 days – Click here to order your free copy


Embedded Downloads announced the new product in a memorandum dated 31 January 2018 in which they also give an update on current products under development.


You can read  the memo here:



As you can see these are major developments and the great thing is that the price of EOT is not reflecting the value created at the moment.


This is partly because EOT is not “marketed” with the traditional hype methods but the focus has been on producing products that enable adoption. This might be a long process in the short term but in the longer term, this will be a winning strategy.  Once the “tipping point” of adoption is reached, we believe that there will be an unstoppable momentum for EOT.


EOT can thus be the sleeper coin, that makes dream come true.



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What is EOT – Encryption of Things?