EOT makes Agriculture Smarter

Can EOT make that Apple a day fresher?  Did you know that an Apple can be more than 9 months old when you buy it in a supermarket?  And how do you know the orchard, where the apples are picked, treat their workers fairly? These and many more questions can be answered by what is now called Smart Agriculture.



Let’s see How IoT devices, EOT and Blockchain can help making Agriculture smarter.



Smart Devices measuring the optimum time to pick that apple:

The IoT industry is currently producing a number of connected devices in the agriculture sector. With “field sensoring” it is possible for a farmer to know what is happening in fields or an orchard real time. Soil humidity, sunlight periods, average rainfall, weather forecast and status of crops and anything else relevant can be measured.  

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It is important that the integrity of the data collected from these fields/orchards are beyond reproach. This is where blockchain verification and EOT encryption can play a vital role.



Now you can be sure your apple will be picked at the optimum time:

Measurement while in transit:

Connected devices are extremely important in the are of logistics, tracking vehicles, measuring product quality along the supply chain, measuring conditions of warehouses etc.


Again it is extremely important that all data generated in the logistic process is verified and the integrity thereof intact. Here again blockchain encryption and thus EOT can play a major role.


Agricultural products, like apples, are shipped all over the world and blockchain verification and secure payments is also an integral part of trading these products.


Information that educates the consumer:

Important for consumers is that when this process is followed and agriculture is smarter, barcodes or even connected devices can provide important information on the product in the store. In the case of the apple, we would be able to see, by the simple scan of a barcode, where and when this apple was picked, it would also give information on the producer and the companies handling the produce ensuring fair trade which is becoming an important issue to consumers. The consumer would also be able to see if this apple is organic or was treated with insecticides etc.


So, EOT / Blockchain would make sure that an “Apple a Day, indeed keeps the Doctor away”


Embedded Downloads, a developer of IOT hardware and software devices and application announced the creation of a dedicated development team to develop “Smart Agriculture” IoT devices and applications.



The company sees 3 areas of development in this area:


  1. Application to encrypt current smart devices for agriculture
  2. Toolkits to enable hardware and software engineers to develop EOT encrypted devices.
  3. Manufacturing of EOT enabled Smart Agricultural devices.


Embedded Downloads has extensive experience in developing connected devices and recently developed the world’s first blockchain smartphone, the BitVault®


From the above it is clear: – IOT needs EOT.

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