EOT Protecting the Connected, the Internet of Things (IoT)

EOT is a cryptocurrency with a strong use case as it is used to encrypt devices connected to the internet known as IOT, the Internet of Things.  IOT needs EOT.


Here is a roadmap of the first devices and applications that will use cryptography for encryption, a growing trend.





September 2017 – Swiss Bank in Your Pocket integrates EOT Wallet

October 2017 – BitVault®, the world’s first blockchain phone launches in London with integration of EOT for secure calling, secure messaging and secure browsing

November 2017 – BitVault® Global App Store launches for developers to develop their own applications

November 2017 – Website EOT Payment Gateway for WordPress and WooCommerce

December 2017 – Cryptodoc stores all your documents securely and encrypted on your PC

December 2017 – Password Wallet stores all your passwords for applications and websites encrypted on your PC
January 2018 – Smart Router for secure, encrypted internet which is direct, safe and easy

January 2018 – EOT Camera, an Encryption of Things connected camera

February 2018 – EOT Development Kit for hardware devices



More than 80 Billion devices and items will be connected to the internet by 2025 and as a result, we can expect more devices to become “EOT Certified”


Now is the time to get involved!





What is EOT?

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