EOT, the Year in Review – 2017

What is EOT?  EOT is a new cryptocurrency started in July 2017. EOT can be used for Peer-2-Peer payments and confirmations are lighting fast with a new block mined every 90 seconds. In addition to the use of EOT as a currency, the main innovation behind EOT, is to use it for the encryption of devices connected to the internet also known as IoT [The Internet of Things]. IoT devices have increasingly become a target for online hacking and security breaches.


Thus the phrase:  IoT needs EOT


Below is a timeline of the major events in the short life of EOT.


July 2017:   

A new currency, EOT [The Encryption of Things] is born.

EOT source code is released and mining commences.



EOT listed on Exchanges

The first exchange EOT listed on was the Wave Platform, currently, EOT is trading on the following exchanges:


The BitVault®, the world’s first blockchain phone announces that it will use EOT for Encryption.



September 2017:

BitVault® announces dedicated sales team in India to focus on Defence Technology and Fintech markets in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.



October 2017:

Embedded Downloads announced the deployment of dedicated sales offices for the BitVault® in North American Market

Bitvault® and EOT formally launched at London Event on 31st October 2017




November 2017

BitVault opens global App store to Developers



Swiss Bank in Your Pocket integrates EOT Wallet

Swiss Bank In Your Pocket integrates EOT Token  / EOT Coin Exchange

EOT Coin Merchant WordPress and Woocommerce Compliant Application integrated on Swiss Bank in Your Pocket website – Clients can now purchase the Swiss Bank in Your Pocket Hardware Wallet and the BitVault® with EOT.



December 2017:

BitVault®, World’s First Blockchain Phone in Strategic Partnership to Target Indian Defence Market



EOT Password Vault Launched on Github as open source application: –



EOT is still in its infancy and less than 6 months old but as can be seen, by the above summary it has been a busy 6 months for the development team.


2018 is going to be an even busier year with more EOT products such as Encryption Applications, Encrypted Routers, Encrypted Cameras and some new projects entering the market. The BitVault® will ship to consumers in March 2018 and BitVault® Enterprises Solutions are currently busy with customized development projects in the Defence Tech, Fintech, Media Technology and Medical Technology markets.


Look out for  “EOT, 2018 and beyond”  soon to be published.



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