Exclusive Interview with Bobby Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of BTCC – London Blockchain Week 2017

An exclusive interview with Bobby Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of BTCC based in Shanghai China. Recorded at the London Blockchain Week January 2017, Bobby Lee discusses his Bitcoin journey as well as his new product Mobi. Bobby Lee was born in the Ivory Coast, educated at Stanford, and worked as vice president of technology of Walmart before taking leadership of BTCC in 2013.

BTCC Products:-
Bitcoin USD Exchange
Bitcoin Pro Exchange
Bitcoin Mining Pool
Bitcoin Wallet
Blockchain Engraving
Mint Physical Bitcoins
Developer Platform

Download your Mobi here

Taken from the BTCC website – “BTCC was originally founded as BTCChina in 2011. It is the longest-running and one of the largest bitcoin exchanges worldwide. BTCC plays a leading role in every segment of the bitcoin ecosystem, offering a digital currency exchange, a mining pool, physical bitcoins, payment processing, consumer wallets, and blockchain engraving. The diverse products and services BTCC offers allow its customers to engage in all aspects of the digital currency spectrum in one integrated platform. Headquartered in Shanghai, BTCC serves a global customer base and has become an industry leader for security, risk mitigation, credibility, and technological innovation. Its mission is to provide the world with the most convenient and trustworthy digital currency services.”

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