Experienced Advisers Join VRT World Project

MOSCOW – VRT World, a company specializing in virtual reality technology and the latest combination of VR and blockchain technology, added three new members to the ranks of its uniquely qualified advisors this week.


“Advisors are extremely important for projects that conduct a successful ICO, since, potential investors interested in both blockchain technology and cryptocurrency pay special attention to the team and consultants involved,” said Konstantin Negachev, CEO.


“They study their profiles on resources like LinkedIn, look at accounts in social media and research them within their field of expertise and how it relates to the potential ICO investment,” he continued. “That’s why VRT World has such a diverse team and is always looking for consultants and advisers who bring innovative experience to our doorstep.”



Negachev noted that VRT World already has a strong team of advisors. These include Marco Sacco, head of the European Association VR/AR; François Assemann, director of Marco Sacco, head of the European Association VR/AR; Sergei Pisotsky, former head of Virtus.pro and other specialists attracted to the new project by its creation of a blockchain marketplace for VR transactions.


Recently, three new members joined the effort: Jeonggon Mun is a market-maker, an expert in the field of algorithmic and high-frequency trading, and a blockroom solutions developer. Mun has been involved with the Pohang University of Science and Technology and the University of California at Berkeley and advised HOQU and Bubbletone.io; founded Linker Coin and BTC Networks; and now holds the post of director general of BlockBank.


Shehab Ahmed is a graduate of the Obour High Institute for Engineering and Technology, an author for The Huffington Post and Engadget, and an adviser for ICObench. He is CTO of  HostSailor (the largest hosting provider in the Middle East and North Africa) and recently founded his own company, Genesis Technologies FZCo, which develops software using block, Big Data, IoT and AI technology.


Reuben Godfrey is a co-founder of the Blockchain Association of Ireland, an organization that intends to turn Ireland into the world’s leading blockbuster and finteh hub. The Blockchain Association of Ireland annually holds the conference, DeepGreen. Godfrey often speaks at seminars and conferences, and as an advisor, has supported Selfllery, StopTheFakes.io, BitRewards, CoinMetro, Embleema, Playkey, Bitindia, and many other projects.



Arseny Strizhenok is an IT-marketer with solid experience as the founder of a number of IT startups and as an adviser for LAToken, Playkey and Ab-Chain. Strizhenok also works on Play2Live, a streaming platform on the blockbuster for gamers and e-Sports fans.


These advisors are now working with VRT World on its latest project and the ICO that started on March 14. The company owns a network of VR-parks, developing under a franchise model. The virtual reality content for these parks will be prepared within the framework of the blockchain-based VRT World marketplace, which will unite developers, investors and ordinary users. VRT World also plans to expand use of the platform by organizing e-sports tournaments in VR and launching of its own streaming platform in the near future.


For more information, log on to https://vrt.world.  Contact Info sevil@vrt.world

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