FinTech companies stepping up to the plate

Technology is racing towards us at an astounding pace.  Technology is creeping into consumer’s lives changing interactions and interfaces.  Technology is disrupting business and reshaping the financial sector.


“It’s almost like the move from flip phones to smartphones; one day you didn’t see that older technology except with your grandma, and now even she has a smartphone!” Jessica Mah, CEO, co-founder and product architect of inDinero says. These banking technology changes will be broad: “The way banks behave, the way they are becoming virtual in every way, the way they are specializing and coming up with niche products that we’ve never had before (the Bitcoins of the world).” Forbes


“People love instant gratification,” says Louie Balasny, managing director at Botkeeper. “They want results now, not a week from now, and certainly not a month from now.” Forbes


Bitcoin, the Internet of Money, and the blockchain technology will revolutionize the financial sector – FinTech 100 has tabled a report that celebrates the top 50 established companies and 50 emerging startups we need to keep an eye on.  The report is a collaboration between H2 Ventures and KPMG.


With innovation and technology changing constantly, education needs will increase and the job market will open up as the digital economy gains more momentum.



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