Technology and the Future of Fintech

Exciting new technologies are coming out every year changing the way businesses are adapted, managed and integrated into society.  We have seen great strides in digital technology in past the past few years with the introduction of smart phones, cloud computing, bitcoin and the blockchain to name but a few.  These are innovations that are revolutionizing the way we live and work.

FinTech is all about innovation in the personal and commercial finance space.  There are major developments expected for FinTech in 2017.

Here are some technologies that will transform your business:-

Data Analytics;  Discovering new patterns

Mobile Technolgy;  Fundamentally changed consumer behavior

Machine Learning;  Ability to learn and react dynamically

the Blockchain;  Immutable record of ownership

Cyber Security;  Protect your environment

“All these innovative and potentially disruptive technologies are designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase security, enhance revenue and facilitate regulatory compliance.”  Read the full article here

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