Forbes Journalist Predicts Bitcoin Crash below $ 1000!

In a recent article Chuck Jones, a Forbes contributor, cited his reasons why Bitcoin could fall to below $ 1000.



Here are the reasons listed in the article:


Regulation could have the biggest impact

South Korea



U.S. regulation

There is no “value” to it

Volatility can create nervousness

A shakeout is coming

ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)

Hacking theft of CCs

FOMO or Fear of missing out

Bitcoin mining scams

Becomes too associated with criminals and rogue states

Third parties changing their minds

Bitcoin & Blockchain movie looks a lot like dot-com in 1999

It all comes down to trust



For the more information and the complete article click here: – 12 Reasons Bitcoin Could Fall Below $1,000


Jones joined the rank of a number of prominent people who are warning against a possible Bitcoin Crash.  More Bitcoin Crash Predictions for 2018: Click Here


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