Forget Le Bitcoin Viva Nutella

Meanwhile in France…

While everyone else is going Bitcoin crazy the French have their own bubble of happiness, Nutella.


There is a saying amongst chocolate-spread connoisseurs that although you can’t buy happiness, you can buy a jar of Nutella. So when a French supermarket chain discounted the chocolatey goodness by 70%, shoppers were keen to get more than their fair share.


Chaotic scenes were reported at branches of Intermarche when customers fought to take advantage of a discount offer. The regular price of Nutella at Intermarche is at €4.50 ($5.60). It was discounted to €1.41 ($1.75).



At today’s Bitcoin price you would be able to buy 6411 jars of Nutella with one Bitcoin a far cry from when the first pizza was purchased for 10,000 BTC.


Intermarche apologized to its customers, saying it had been “surprised” by the demand… sure 🙂

“It was a real disaster, 200 people were outside waiting for the supermarket’s opening,” one employee at a store in Metz, northeast France,” told CNN. “All of this mess for a Nutella jar.”




“People just rushed in, shoving everyone, breaking things. It was like an orgy,” another employee in Forbach, northeast France, told AFP. “We were on the verge of calling the police.”


Full story: – Nutella Discount sparks chaos in France



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