Give a Crypto Gift this year, no more socks or soap-on-a-rope!

The festive season is upon us… which means gifting time to family and friends!  Many of us are racking our brains for inspiration trying to come up with innovative and different gifts this year… as we do every year.  No more socks, soap-on-a-rope, beard shaving aprons or gnomes for the garden.  This year, give a gift that could potentially set your loved one free… help them open a wallet and give them crypto… or if they are already an investor, give them more!


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Cryptocurrency has made huge headlines in mainstream media and many believe they have missed the boat.  If only they realize, the digital economy and the internet of money has only just begun.  So which crypto’s do we gift?  Here are some suggestions… however, you can add your ideas in the comments below.





Here are some more ideas from CoinTelegraph… Click Here


Waves Platform link here – Download the client (Waves Decentralized Exchange application) and remember to save the SEED to your wallet in a safe place!


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