Hillstone Capital Now Accepting Bitcoin

Seattle Area real estate investing firm among first to begin accepting cryptocurrency.  BELLEVUE, Wash.Jan. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/  Have you ever wondered how a cryptocurrency that only exists in your computer can be turned into something tangible like real estate? Enter Hillstone Capital. Hillstone has gone bitcrazy in true Pizza Day fashion. The Bellevue, WA private firm is now giving investors the option of using Bitcoin for all investing opportunities.



Blake Robbins, founder of Hillstone Capital, has always worked to make Hillstone stand out among the most innovative investing firms. “When a client likes what we do and wants to diversify their portfolio into real estate, we welcome their investment whether it is in gold or US dollars. Why should it be different with any other currency?”



And that’s why Hillstone has decided to be at the forefront of Bitcoin real estate investing. Bitcoin, the digital currency created and held electronically, made it’s debut in 2009, steadily growing more popular over the years. Early investors have benefited from its rising popularity, experiencing millions in gains recently. But whether Bitcoin is up 100,000% or down 1,000%, there are risks in the market’s volatility.



“Crypto currency can seem intangible, but technological advances make it a simple conversion process to USD that can then be directed into a real estate fund like Hillstone,” said Creative Director Christina Robbins. “We’ve made it easy for our clients to transfer their Bitcoin gains and diversify their investments directly into real estate, a much more stable investment.”



The Hillstone Capital team is proud of this exciting new development, which holds promise in helping to pave the way for other cryptocurrencies and new partnerships to thrive.



“Investing in Bitcoin has been a rocket ride to the moon… diversifying Bitcoin gains into real estate funds is like having a safe landing pad,” said Regional Manager Cliff Sullivan.



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Christina Robbins


SOURCE Hillstone Capital



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