How 50 Cent made $ 7 Million in Bitcoin

It was called Animal Ambition,  a 2014 album by rapper, 50 Cent. The rapper probably never dreamt that the value of Bitcoin would skyrocket when he agreed to take proceeds from album sales in Bitcoin. These sales are now reportedly worth more than $7.5 million.


In a comment that could either amaze or exasperate people who would love to find a pile of money, 50 Cent added, “I’m a keep it real. I forgot I did that s***.”


It was reported that Animal Ambition brought the rapper around 700 bitcoins — worth several hundred thousand dollars at the time and around $7.7 million at today’s rate.


When 50 Cent released his 2014 album, bitcoin was mostly known as a “virtual currency” that was still trying to push its way into the mainstream.  It was accepted by game company Zynga, Dell, and electronics retailer Newegg — and by the end of the year, so did Microsoft.



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Since 2014, Bitcoin has been on a wild ride and becoming more of a speculation/investment tool rather than a payment system.


The sharp rise of Bitcoin in the last 3 years have sparked fears of a “Bubble” and regulators took notice.


Recently banks have been clamping down on Bitcoin business.

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