How Blockchain can connect Candidates with Organizations

MOSCOW, RUSSIA /Aworker – Today HR managers have to cope with numerous problems: the uncertainty in resumes and cover letters, the reliability of recommendation letters from previous jobs, and an aggregate issue with the trust to job seekers.

Often candidates cannot get the job post because of weak self-presentation and poor communication skills – Even if they are talented and highly-qualified specialists.


Well, blockchain is here to cope with these issues and develop the newest ecosystem where achievements and professional skills are more important than the way people present in front of interviewers.


Who is this “perfect candidate for a job” and where to find him or her?

Today there are several vital issues in recruitment:

  • How to believe candidates? These days people can write anything about their skill set, achievements at previous jobs just to get the desired position.
  • Are recommendations trustworthy? Recommendation letters often don’t show the real competence of a job seeker. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s more about relations with the person who wrote it.



“People create fundamental features for the development of any business”

The good personnel helps an organization to develop and grow in the market. People create fundamental features for company growth and development. Blockchain technology builds opportunities to cope with all the problems.



What is blockchain?

The blockchain is a technology for storing information in different servers from all over the world. It is more efficient than centralized systems because of:

  • Reliable data. Companies and people can’t change the data to their advantage.
  • Transparent data. Anytime users can access the initial data to check its reliability.
  • Independence. Platforms don’t belong to anyone to maintain objectivity.


How blockchain can connect candidates with organizations

Relations between businesses and job seekers – the area where everyone can fully implement the power of blockchain. A unified system of verification together with the performance indicators will open new opportunities for job search.

  • Help employees with an excellent reputation to find a new job faster
  • Help employers to save time and money by hiring perfect candidates
  • Help quickly assess qualification and competencies of people


These conditions are met by the blockchain technology, which is the basis for the Aworker platform. The main goal of the Aworker project is to build a global system for verifying skills and integrating this data to build a good business reputation for job seekers that will be shown to potential employers and colleagues from all over the world. Both a job seeker and people who recommend him/her get a reward in case the first gets the position or even gets invited to the interview.

Moreover, employees will be able to receive a reward for the use of their data and all of this is possible because of the Ethereum smart contracts. We believe that with the help of blockchain technology, the labor market will become more transparent and understandable for all parties.

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