How does BitVault® work? The World’s First Blockchain Crypto Communicator

There has been much interest in the World’s first blockchain crypto communicator over the past few months.  The BitVault® was introduced to the FinTech community at FinTech Week in London during July where the blockchain smartphone was demonstrated to many intrigued delegates. Read the article here.


For those of you who missed out, here are a few videos demonstrating how the BitVault® works.

NOTE:  The transactions shown in the videos below are using Bitcoin, however, from 1 November 2017, all transactions on theBitVault® will make use of EOT – “Encryption of Things”.  EOT was designed specifically for encryption and as theBitVault® is a secure device, there was no doubt that EOT was the perfect cryptocurrency to power all transactions on the BitVault. The BitVault is the first of many devices connected to the internet (Internet of Things – IoT) that will use EOT for encryption.   Learn more about EOT here




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Introducing the World’s First Blockchain phone, the BitVault®


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