How to buy Bitcoin dominates Google

Bitcoin was one of the top Google search trends for 2017 and we thought it would be interesting to look at the top search terms that are Bitcoin related.



  • Bitcoin


Bitcoin was searched between 1 Million and 10 Million times per month.

The huge rise in price no doubt had a major impact on the Bitcoin search popularity.




  • Bitcoin Price

Not surprising that this term ranks high, everyone and his dog wants to know what the Bitcoin price is or will be in the future.

True to form there were also many Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2018.


There were the Bulls – Who predicted a much higher Bitcoin price: –  More Bullish Price Predictions

And then there were those who predicted a major Bitcoin crash in 2018:-  Bitcoin Price Crash Predictions for 2018



  • Bitcoin mining


Yes, lots of people think that mining bitcoin is like printing money. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to mine Bitcoin without a massive investment at this stage but if you are interested here is some information on Bitcoin Mining.  Learn how to mine Bitcoin here.



Alternatively, you can mine another cryptocurrency. One of the profitable ones to mine now it new currency EOT.  Here’s How to Mine EOT:-  Click Here



  • What is Bitcoin?

According to Techcrunch only 6 /10 Americans have actually heard about Bitcoin.  Read more here 

So if you are a noob and want to know What Bitcoin is? – Click Here



  • Bitcoin value

Not surprising as so many people are interested in the price.



  • Buy bitcoin

Everyone wants to know How to buy Bitcoin and thus no wonder that this is one of the top search terms.



  • Bitcoin USD



A popular currency used to buy Bitcoin, however according to Cryptocompare, the second most popular behind the Japanese Yen.




  • Bitcoin exchange

There are now literally 100’s of Bitcoin exchanges worldwide. The best resources for more information and a lot of other things related to cryptocurrency is here: – CoinMarketCap 



  • USD to Bitcoin

So how much Bitcoin can you buy for your USD?   Check out the current average price here.

Prices fluctuate dependent on location or where you purchase from.


  • Bitcoin wallet

It is extremely important that we keep our Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies safe.  There have been many instances of hacking of exchanges and wallet providers online so we recommend that you keep your Bitcoin one of two places.


Swiss Bank In Your Pocket:

The Swiss Bank in Your Pocket is a hardware wallet is one of the safest ways for you to keep your Bitcoin and crypto.  Click here for more information


Embedded Vault:


The Embedded Vault turns any PC or Laptop into a hardware wallet

Click here for more information




So, there you have it, the Top 10 Bitcoin-related searches on Google in 2017



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