How to create a circle of traffic with your own content and Steemit

Here at Bit-Media, we are, like everyone else, trying to get our content out to a wider audience and build a following.  We think Steemit can be a valuable addition to these efforts and our strategy is to build a “Circle of Traffic” by having our “online assets” resharing our content.


Our Online Assets:


Our Bit-Media Blog: Provides news on cryptocurrency, FinTech, IoT and the new digital economy


Our Strategy:

Our strategy involves sharing our various posts between our various online assets.  Click on the links below to join our community.


The Bit-Media Blog:

Our blog is our prime focus and where we want to direct most of our traffic to. The reason for this is that this is an asset that we own and control. No-one can stop our blog or disable our account like on Facebook or social media accounts owned by a third party.

Also when someone visits our blog our main intention is to get their details on our email list. This gives us a database of interested people whom we can send information as well as offers to our products. It is also a great traffic source for our blog. The same applies for people that downloaded our IOS or Android free applications – this has a similar function than our mailing list.

So our starting point is to create a blog post with our own unique or curated content that has been rewritten. Once we add a new post it goes out to our mailing list in the form of an email and to all the Bit-Media App users in the form of a notification. Whenever we post a new blog, we immediately then see a spike in traffic from these two databases.

The next logical step is to share our post on our social media assets: – Facebook, Twitter and now Steemit.



Bit-Media Youtube:

All our original video content are created on YouTube. People often forget that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. All videos are firstly Keyword and SEO optimized and we take special care to link out from the YouTube video description to the Bit-Media blog and other online spaces.

Once the video is on YouTube, we then further create a blog post with the video embedded into our blog. The blog post then gets shared as described above and a copy will now on be created on steemit as well.

The next step is to share the YouTube Video itself on our social media platforms, sharing it with our followers.

After this, we upload the original video to Facebook as well creating a further cycle of traffic to the same content.



Bit-Media Facebook:

70,000 followers on Facebook who like, share and comments on our posts.

We share something on Facebook about every 2 hours or so and 90% of our posts are linking back to our blog. However, we also share interesting news or articles from other Facebook pages and even our competitors. This builds engagement and also resharing of some of the content on their social media.



Bit-Media Twitter

Currently, we are using our twitter account only to share what we create elsewhere besides retweeting relevant tweets.  Our Twitter account is growing as more follow our page and retweet.





Bit-Media Steemit

This is a new venture for us but as we explained in this post, we are going to use Steemit to also share our main blog content to the Steem community. We believe our content will be of interest to this community as our content is focused on the crypto markets and this is a natural interest from Steem community members.

All our Steemit blog posts will also be recycled in the same way as the posts on our main blog described above, this will expose Steemit to new viewers and users.



A web of traffic

The sharing and redistribution of our content as described above creates a web of interlinks and a flow of traffic between our online assets, in turn, visitors will share some of this content to their network of friends/followers bringing in fresh traffic to us.


Thus we call it the “ Circle of Traffic”

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