How to stay updated on Bitcoin and the Digital Economy!

The Digital Economy is taking the world by storm as digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum make headlines around the world.  FinTech is booming as the interface between the consumer and financial services is evolving.  In this dynamic new economy it is vital to stay on top of the news and reviews while educating yourself, your family and friends.

Bit-Media is on a mission to inform and educate as many people as possible on the digital economy and is now available in an app for your phone!

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What will you find on the Bit-Media app?

The Blockchain Explorer – Track your transactions on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Coin Exchange – Exchange your Bitcoin for Altcoins or vice versa, anonymously

Bitcoin News – Keep up to date with the Digital Economy news and reviews – Bitcoin and the blockchain will change our world forever

Bitcoin Price Watch – A weekly talk on the past and forthcoming events that could impact the Bitcoin price – also an opportunity to predict the Bitcoin price every Friday and win some Bitcoin – Free entry

Live Bitcoin and Altcoin Prices – See the live price movement for Bitcoin and top Altcoins and past pricing graphs – look at the trends and decide your next move

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – Over 40 short explainer videos giving you a FREE Bitcoin education – share with your family and friends, do not leave anyone behind

Convenient links for you to buy your first Bitcoin, open your first wallet, order your debit card and Swiss Bank In Your Pocket!

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Embrace the new digital economy, do not get left behind!

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