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It was just reported by Bloomberg that Pavel Durov and his encrypted messenger set up shop in Dubai, it was reported that the Telegram founder left Russia with $300 million and 2,000 bitcoins. According to the St. Petersburg native said he’s planning to announce “something big” in the new year. He’s been keeping a low profile since leaving his homeland, and for good reasons.


For starters, he has at least tangential ties to two of the most influential antagonists of the U.S. government: Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. The Wikileaks founder has endorsed Telegram’s encryption technology, while Durov offered the NSA whistleblower a job after he landed in Moscow in 2013.


And then there’s Iran, which recently charged Durov in absentia with crimes related to Telegram’s popularity among terrorists, human traffickers and pedophiles.


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Twitter and Facebook is banned in Iran and Telegram accounts for about 40 percent of all Iranian internet traffic, according to Techrasa, a market researcher.


Telegram, which is open-sourced and works on both phones and PCs, hosts 500,000 Farsi “channels” where users can post and curate all kinds of content that others can monitor at no cost. With Telegram users are not required to know each other’s phone numbers, just their screen names.



Blockchain could be the next frontier


Telegram could become even more secure and popular if it develops a version of its application for the ultra-secure BitVault®, the world’s first blockchain phone and crypto communicator.


In addition to providing an extra layer of blockchain enabled encryption the BitVault® has unique key creation and user identification features including enhanced biometrics that could enhance security for users of the application.


The BitVault® comes with its own proprietary BitVault® application store and this opens another exciting possibility which would be the ability for Telegram users to send cryptocurrency directly from user to user using the cryptocurrency wallets in the BitVault®The BitVault® has native wallets for EOT, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Other currencies could be added to the BitVault® store by independent developers over time.


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Imagine the possibilities…


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