Inside the BitVault®

There has been much anticipation around how BitVault®, the World’s First Blockchain phone works, we are excited and interested to take a look inside the BitVault®…


Firstly, what is the BitVault®?  The BitVault® is a revolutionary new product that is built around security and privacy enabled through Blockchain technology.  The BitVault®, the world’s first blockchain phone, is Biometric Security enabled through fingerprint and iris scanning and this authentication is one of the safest ways to keep your BitVault® locked and private – in actual fact, “You are the Key” says Hein Marais, CEO of Embedded Downloads.  Biometric technology, which is proven, brings a whole new level of security to your cryptocurrency and blockchain transactions.



The BitVault® enables secure transactions between users.  Secure messaging and secure calling are two of the features on the BitVault® – finally, we can send messages and have conversations that are truly private and secure.  Besides using the Blockchain, the BitVault® uses cryptography for the encryption of transactions.  The cryptocurrency used in the BitVault® is EOT.   More information on EOT here – Encryption of Things – Protecting the Connected



In these short videos below, Hein Marais, CEO of Embedded Downloads, gives us all the opportunity to look inside the BitVault®, the World’s first Blockchain phone.



BitVault® – The Hardware Device


Removable security key for enabling your device

5.5 Inch Touch Screen

64 bit 2.0GHz Octa Core Processor

4GB RAM and 64GB Flash Storage

4G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth

13MP Back camera and 8MP front camera



BitVault® Secure Messaging


Secure messaging allows for the transfer of messages, photos or videos directly from your BitVault® across the private Blockchain.  Once the messages are received, read and downloaded, the message will be deleted from the Blockchain.  The user decides whether to keep the message on their local BitVault® storage or not.



BitVault® Secure Calling


Secure calling is implemented using a private Blockchain.  An EOT address from your EOT Vault wallet can be used to make and receive secure, encrypted phone calls. When making a secure call select your EOT wallet of choice, then scan the QR code or copy and paste the EOT address from the EOT wallet of the BitVault® user you wish to call.   The security features of the BitVault® require you to scan your fingerprint, your iris, and your NFC card before a secure, encrypted call can be made.




Demonstration by Embedded Downloads on Secure Messaging and Secure Calling using the BitVault®, the Worlds first blockchain phone


NOTE:-  For the purposes of this demonstration, a Bitcoin Wallet was selected, however, EOT will be replacing Bitcoin to enable all encrypted transactions on the BitVault®




BitVault® is a registered trademark of Embedded Downloads Ltd, and all rights are hereby



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Introducing the World’s First Blockchain phone, the BitVault®


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