Is 2017 the year of Bitcoin ETF’s – Exchange Traded Funds?

Bitcoin ETF’s are in the spotlight – could 2017 be the year for the first Bitcoin ETF to be approved?  If approved, the flood gates will open and the Bitcoin price will soar as it means that thousands of traders will be able to trade Bitcoin on the stock exchange without even opening a Bitcoin wallet.

There are two funds awaiting approval, the Winklevoss Bitcoin Fund and SolidX – both have been pushed out for approval by the SEC by March 2017.  Should either not be approved, or the application is withdrawn, be assured that they will come back presented in a different way.

Many believe it is inevitable that Bitcoin ETF’s will be listed on stock exchanges, it is just a matter of when, however, in a report by Needham & Company they stated “After years of work and investor anticipation the rule change necessary to pave the way for the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF will see a final decision from the SEC by March 11. Overall, we think that the listing of a bitcoin ETF would have a profoundly positive effect on the price of bitcoin not only because of the resulting asset inflow but also because of concurrent shifts in perception and regulatory risk. Overall, however, we think the probability of approval is very low. Taken together,we think the positive effect that a bitcoin ETF would have on the price of bitcoin is vastly underappreciated and that the probability of approval is drastically overestimated within the industry”.  

“A new investor note published today by analyst Needham & Company projects that a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) could attract as much as $300m in new assets in its first week alone. Writing about the potential impact of an ETF on the nascent market, analyst Spencer Bogart speculates that such an approval is likely to have a “profoundly positive” effect on the price of bitcoin, and that the $300m estimate is “conservative”.
Read the full article by Coindesk here:-

Report: Bitcoin ETF Could Amass $300 Million in Assets (If Approved)

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