London FinTech Scene

London has held onto their “FinTech Capital of the World” status however, joint with Singapore.


“The UK has long been a leader when it comes to FinTech and so it’s great to see our position is unchanged. It does, however, highlight the prominence of other cities vying for a slice of the pie,” warned City of London policy chairman Mark Boleat.  “With competition rising, it’s important for the UK to continue championing innovation whilst maintaining the right degree of regulation to see our fintechs thrive. We are committed to strengthening FinTech in the UK and are hopeful we can continue to lead in this sector.”   Read full article here  




A new London FinTech hub is coming to the Square Mile as the existing co-working spaces are not keeping pace with the demand and number of new FinTech startups emerging.  “The City occupier base has diversified significantly over the past decade and with the right policy environment and developer investment, the Square Mile will be a natural home for global tech,” said CPA president Mark Ridley.  Read full article here




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10-11 April, 2017 – The Innovate Finance Global Conference held in London 


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