Mainstream Media talking Bitcoin

Mainstream Media is sitting up and taking note of Bitcoin… and talking about this revolutionary new payment system, store of value and digital asset. There are millions people across the globe who have not heard of Bitcoin as yet – the market is still tiny with a market cap that fluctuates from $13 billion upwards.  The growth potential is enormous and Bitcoin also has the potential to change the unbanked statistic of over 2 Billion adults who do not have traditional bank accounts.  The more mainstream media gets involved, the quicker we can change this statistic and move people into the new digital economy.

Here are some reports and videos from various mainsteam media outlets:-

Bloomberg – Bitcoin’s Rally Crushed Every Other Currency in 2016. Here’s Why

Das Erste – German TV Channel Says Bitcoin Is “Digital Gold”

CNBC – Bitcoin predicted to rise 165% to $2,000 in 2017 driven by Trump’s ‘spending binge’ and dollar rally

BBC News – Bitcoin: Is the crypto-currency doomed?

DSTV Carte Blanche – Your 10 Bitcoin Questions Answered

India Times/Economic Times – Demonetization Effect: Why cryptocurrency is gaining currency in cash-less times

Dutch and Korean Mainstream Media Extensively Cover Bitcoin Rally – de Volkskrant – Netherlands

ABC News Australia Bitcoin Exchange Videos at ABC News Video Archive

Forbes – Bitcoin And The Cashless Future

Watch this video presented by Bloomberg News and Corey Johnson:-

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