Man Slashed in the Face for 100 Bitcoins

Last night, in the south of Moscow, a Bitcoin millionaire was attacked by unknown thugs, cut in the face and forced to transfer all the cryptocurrency he had, approximately 100 Bitcoins, to them.



According to the report, the man managed to survive even though he was thrown outside and left for dead in 20 deg frost.


The victim is now in the hospital recovering.  


Moscow Police are investigating the incident.


Full story here – A resident of Moscow under torture gave the sadists a million dollars in bitcoins


In a disturbing new type of crime armed robbers broke into a house in a small UK village and forced a Bitcoin trader to transfer a fortune in Bitcoin to them from his computer.


Four thugs in balaclavas broke into the house, which is owned by trader Danny Aston and his wife, Amy Jay. They then tied up Ms. Jay and put the couple’s baby outside in a pram, before threatening Mr. Aston with a gun and forcing him to transfer his Bitcoin into their control.

Full story here – Bitcoin Trader robbed at gunpoint in sleepy UK Village


It has become apparent that cryptocurrency owners should be more concerned and diligent about their privacy and personal safety.   Watch Video



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